One of Michigan's biggest Christmas light displays will once again light up downtown Rochester. The 18th season of The Big, Bright Light Show recently announced its holiday kick-off date.

Is this really happening? Are we really talking about Christmas already?

According to my wife, it's never too early to talk about or make plans for the upcoming holiday season. You see, in my house, the Christmas decorations go up the day after Halloween. So, my wife is more than ready for downtown Rochester's Big Bright Light Show.

The Big, Bright Light Show Facebook
The Big, Bright Light Show Facebook

What is The Big, Bright Light Show?

The Big, Bright Light Show is a popular holiday event where over one million lights are used to light up downtown Rochester.

During the event, the buildings in downtown Rochester are decorated with colorful Christmas light displays. It really does create a kind of magical vibe for the holiday season. The lights are sometimes synchronized to music, and the entire downtown area becomes a beautiful winter wonderland that attracts visitors from all over Michigan.


When is The Big, Bright Light Show?

This year's event officially kicks off November 21 - January 21, 2023. According to Downtown Rochester, most stores are open Monday - Saturday, until 9 p.m.

Over 1 million lights is a lot of freaking lights. It's kind of hard to imagine so many lights without actually seeing it for yourself. If you watch the video below you'll get a clear understanding of why people say it's one of the most impressive light displays in Michigan. I went years ago and it was really cool to see that many lights just lining the buildings and streets.

Rochester, Michigan Big Bright Light Show

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