Many American travelers admit they avoid this Michigan city at all costs while traveling.

The website The Vacationer recently released a study showing the list of "Cities Americans Avoid Traveling to at All Costs in 2023."

Major Cities American Travelers are "Avoiding" At All Costs


The Vacationer's study asked respondents to choose any city in the United States that they refuse to travel to. Or at least they do their very best to avoid it.

Unfortunately, Detroit made the list. Not only did the city make the list, it was sitting right on top at #1. For the record, making the top position of this list is bad. It means Detroit is the most avoided city for travelers.

Americans Avoid Traveling To Detroit More Than Any Other U.S. City


1. Detroit, Michigan — 22.50%
2. Chicago, Illinois. — 21.71%
3. Atlanta, Georgia. — 18.47%
4. New York City, New York. — 18.07%
5. Baltimore, Maryland. — 17.39%
6. Anaheim, California. — 17.19%
7. San Francisco, California. — 15.62%
8. Austin, Texas. — 15.42%
9. Miami, Florida. — 14.83%
10. Dallas, Texas. — 14.34%

The entire list consisted of 34 major cities, with an option to choose "none" as well which 26% of respondents did.

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1,020 Americans over the age of 18 were polled on August 8. The survey methodology can be found on The Vacationer website.

While it was a little surprising to see Detroit at the top of the list, it wasn't surprising to see Honolulu at the bottom. Who in the world would ever "avoid" going to Honolulu?

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