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Freedom Fest 2023 Was Fun for All Ages

If you made it out to the first two Freedom Fest events at Torzewski County Water Park in Lapeer, you could already see the momentum that was building from the first event to the second. So, assuming year three would be no different, the planning began.

The park opened to the public at 11am, with Freedom Fest scheduled from Noon-10:00pm. And you could tell almost immediately when the gates opened that Freedom Fest 2023 was going to be something special.

Scheduling An Event of This Size Takes Dedication

Putting together an all-day free event for the public is no simple task. Especially when you are feeding the first 3000 attendees for free too.

But Patrick, owner of Woodchips BBQ & Kookys n Cream in downtown Lapeer, and his incredible staff(s) made it look (almost) easy. From the smoking of 3000 hotdogs (Yes! Even the hotdogs were smoked) to the incredible BBQ sandwiches that were free to the first 3000 people, everything ran smoothly.

Support Those Who Support Local

It goes without saying that a free event put on for the public by a local business deserves some huge Kudo's. But, for those who are unaware, Patrick promotes way more than just his businesses in Lapeer.

Check out the Woodchips BBQ Facebook page and just scroll. You will find countless videos of Patrick doing Live Videos from a huge variety of local Lapeer businesses to help promote them/supporting local in general.

There are even videos of Patrick going into other local restaurants, talking about/highlighting some of his favorites off their menus, and ending the video by paying for the meals of those who happen to be there at the time as a thank you for supporting local. The world needs more people like this.

This Is What You Missed at Freedom Fest 2023

If you were unable to attend Freedom Fest 2023, please enjoy the following pictures. Most pictures were taken between 11:00am-1:00pm (prior to the first musical acts even starting) so as to be able to show everything the event had to offer prior to it filling up with music lovers of all ages.


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