If there was ever a boaters paradise, this could be it. The multi-million dollar home stands out on the shores of downtown Charlevoix for its beautiful design, but the boat house truly sets it apart. Not just any boat house, but a full aquatic garage with room for multiple boats and yachts.

The home, located just a block from downtown Charlevoix, is currently for sale by the owner for $10,675,000. The house sits perched in the harbor of Round Lake and has just about anything a boat lover could want and more. If you have ever been in the area there's no doubt this incredible lakeside home has caught your eye.

The home is a masterpiece with over 10,000 square feet of living space, including 5 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The builder, Andre Poineau. is a legend and incorporated some of the most impressive woodworking found anywhere when building the home for owners, the Winns of Four Winns fame, in 2003.

Lake living usually includes incredible views, and this takes the cake. Described in the listing as the  "best party room ever", the home has a crow's nest with a view that screams Pure Michigan. It sits atop the boathouse with views of the infamous draw bridge and of course the lake. Perfect for entertaining it has a 30-foot custom wood and brass bar making it the "Finest boathouse in the Midwest".

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All of the amenities and design are pretty impressive, but nothing compares to the boat house itself. The aquatic garage, because the term boat house doesn't do it justice, is a mariner's dream. Inside is space for up to 30 kayaks, boats, and yachts of all shapes and sizes. It presents as a virtual collectors museum to display all of your "water toys".

Some homes are just worth drooling over and 'Dreamscrolling' through, and this is definitely one of them. Take a look inside below.

$10.6M Charlevoix Dream Home with Unique Private Aquatic Garage

If there was ever a boaters paradise, this is it! This multi-million dollar Charlevoix home comes complete with an aquatic garage with space for multiple yachts. Listed by the owner for $10,675,000 the 10,000+ square foot home is a mariner's dream. Inside you'll find 5 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a massive crow's nest area with a fantastic view of the lake. The home is truly amazing, but the aquatic garage is the real magic. Large enough to house multiple boats and yachts. Take a look inside!

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