Whenever a restaurant is named best in Michigan most foodies salivate to try it, judge it or debunk it.

That's why the choice for Michigan's Best Italian Restaurant will be met with the same skepticism and curiosity.

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Best Italian Restaurant in Michigan

According to 24/7 Tempo, the best spot for Italian in the Mitten is located in Detroit.

You might immediately think of these Detroit area classics:

  • La Dolce Vita
  • Oak & Reel
  • Giovanni's

But you'd be wrong.

SheWolf Pastaficio & Bar Named Michigan's Best Italian Restaurant

Since 2018, SheWolf has steadily built a dining experience many folks rate five stars on Yelp.

Read Lauren V.'s review of SheWolf Pastificio & Bar on Yelp

Reviews like Lauren V's are common, but that doesn't mean SheWolf is perfect. Some find the portions to be small or the space to be too loud. Again -- 'The Best" of anything is very subjective.

If you're looking for a high-end, trendy experience this is definitely "The Best Italian Restaurant" in Michigan.

Read Marielle M.'s review of SheWolf Pastificio & Bar on Yelp

Where is SheWolf Pastaficio & Bar located?

It's not far from Comerica Park and Ford Field at 438 Selden St, Detroit, MI 48201

They also take reservations in case you want to plan your next visit to the D.

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It's difficult to imagine you wouldn't get an equal amount of joy by eating at Oak & Reel, La Dolce Vita or Cantoro's.

Guess we'll have to try them all, a time or two, before we make a final decision.

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