Somehow, Flint, Michigan isn't the home to a new Amazon Distribution Center. They've got a lot of property around the old Buick City site it seems they could utilize.

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Instead, the next center the company is building will be a bit north.

The company already has numerous locations around Metro Detroit.

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Credit: Getty Images, Canva
Credit: Getty Images, Canva

New Amazon buildings usually mean numerous new jobs. Both full and part time.

Amazon bringing jobs to Michigan.

The company has around two dozen facilities around Michigan:

  • Metro Detroit (over 12)
  • Lansing
  • Saginaw
  • Grand Rapids area

And they're about to build another which will bring around 100 or so jobs. Of those jobs, fewer are full-time. Many are part-time with up to 30 hours per week.

Credit: Getty Images, Canva
Credit: Getty Images, Canva

42,500 square-foot facility coming to Northern Michigan

Amazon received all approvals to build a massive facility on eight acres around Gaylord, MI.

The Industrial Park area will be home to a new distribution center according to MLive.

Distribution Centers, for Amazon, are where packages are sent to go out for delivery. All boxing and labeling are handled before arriving at these facilities.

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While the 42,500 square-foot building might sound enormous, keep in mind, the company has a property with five floors and over 3.5 million square-feet on the old Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit.

Anywhere Amazon builds, it brings jobs and spike to economic activity around that community. Plus, the added benefit of faster delivery.

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