The "comeback" of Downtown Flint has been happening for years. For some, it's seeing old buildings getting new life or new buildings, in general.

For others, it's grabbing dinner before a show at the Capitol.

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Some big-name businesses have opened in Downtown Flint.

The Hilton Garden Inn, ELGA Credit Union, Jimmy John's and a recently announced expansion of MSU's campus... to name a few.

And think about all of the local restaurants and bars hat have thrived for years like the Torch, The White Horse Tavern, Churchill's, Cork, Blackstone's and Xolo.

Heck, Spectacular Spudz started in the Flint Farmers' Market just a few years ago and now has its own storefront and with a full bar.

For the folks that think Downtown Flint is what they remember from the 1990s... you're mistaken.

Now, we welcome another new addition to Saginaw Street.

The Ferris Wheel Building has welcomed Biggby Coffee to its ground floor lobby.

Yup. one of Michigan's own, home-grown, coffee companies investing in Downtown Flint.

Biggby Started in Michigan

Biggby Coffee got its start in East Lansing, MI in 1995. Seems like a fitting place to launch a coffee company.

A college town with students pulling all-nighters studying for exams. It's fitting for them to join Downtown Flint, too.

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Many college students call Flint home these days. Not to mention the number of other employees from businesses all around Downtown.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Biggby.

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