Updated: If you're not headed Up North Memorial Day Weekend, the Detroit Tigers will be playing home games starting May 25th-31st. The weather will be great for the unofficial start to summer. Plus, lots of new food on the menu(s) around Comerica Park, too. Bring some SPF and your appetite.

What's new in food at Comerica Park this season?

Some of the items are very creative while others are rich with homemade local Detroit flavors. For those about to yell "yay sportsball" add these items to your ballpark food scorecard:

  • Steak Tacos at Taqueria El Rey in Section 149. Think street taco style with a jalapeno salsa.
  • Shawarma Fries smothered in marinated chicken, garlic sauce, pickles, tomatoes, hummus and romaine lettuce. (Can't wait to try these.) Find them at Comerica Big Cat Court.
  • Detroit Grand Slam Ice Cream. It's a flavor you can only find at Comerica Park. Caramel coffee espresso ice cream mixed with sea salt caramel swirl with espresso coffee chocolate flakes also available at Big Cat Court from Guernsey Farms Dairy.
  • Hot Brown Slider is grilled chicken breast with bacon and mornay (fancy cheese) sauce from Green Dot Stables in Section 143. (They also have a buffalo chicken slider and truffle fries to try.)
  • Seafood Mac 'n Cheese and Seafood Grilled Cheese Sandwich is available from The Lobster Food Truck which is set up in Section 116. (No box mac here.)
  • Naan Jerk Chicken Tacos from Yum Village. These are like street tacos, with spicy vibes and naan bread shells. So good. Glad they're back this season in Section 116.
  • Barbecue Nachos are available from Bert's Marketplace in Section 133. You can get these with chicken or pork. They do ribs, too. In case that's your jam.
  • Cheesesteak Eggrolls and Shawarma Eggrolls from Detroit 75 Kitchen in the Tiger Den and Beer Hall -- could make a meal out of these alone.
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Don't worry, if you're looking for gluten free or vegan options, they've got options for you, too. Remember, pitchers are timed now. That means games will be around 30 minutes shorter. Plan your meal trips wisely. Now... where to order an adult size bib?

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