There's a change in the air, and it smells like freshly ground coffee beans, but for a few days, Grand Blanc residents will have to suffer. Get ready, because there is going to be a little break in your caffeine routine as the downtown Starbucks closes...but not permanently.

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The Starbucks located on S. Saginaw Street, our favorite caffeine oasis, will be taking a short hiatus as it undergoes a little move into something even more amazing. But fear not, dear coffee aficionados, this brief intermission is just the calm before the caffeinated storm! The store will be heading just about a mile down the road to the new plaza across from the Grand Mall.

When Will Starbucks in Grand Blanc Close for the Move?

According to sources, the current location will close its doors starting at 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 25th. We were told that they will be closed as they transition to the new location and are hoping to reopen their brand-new shop by March 1st, but that has not been 100% confirmed. The current location did post a sign confirming the closing date.

While waiting for the new location to be up and running, you can still grab your favorite "Bucks" at one of their other local stores:

  • NEW- Hill and Torrey Road
  • Hill and Fenton Road
  • Center & E. Court Street
  • Miller Rd & I75
  • S. Leroy in Fenton ( inside VG's)

Sure, we might have to venture a little further for our daily fix for a few days, but the Grand Blanc Starbucks will be back better than ever.


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