Time to discover the heartbeat of Michigan's caffeine scene! If you are one of those people who literally can't function until you get that first cup of coffee in the morning, this story is for you.

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From baristas to blends, there is something pretty amazing about our favorite coffee shops. These are the places that not only know your name but how you take your favorite cup of joe right down to the number of pumps. It's not just the coffee, but the whole ambiance and vibe that keeps us coming back.

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Tasting Table knows that a great coffee shop should be celebrated so they got to work to create a list celebrating "The Best Coffee Shop in Every State". So how did they determine the best of the best? Here's what they had to say about the steaming task;

"To answer this mouth-burning question we talked to locals all over the country, hit the road, and, yes, even consulted some experts on the internet. What we found was that no matter where you are in America, there's a place that's giving you a better, more local experience than a big national chain. If you find yourself in any of these cities, these coffee shops are a must-hit".

What's the Best Coffee Shop in Michigan?

If you are looking for the best brew in town, Tasting Table says you'll need to head to Detroit. Anthology Coffee is nestled in the Eastern Market district. Let's just stay unique and charming is an understatement.

"Spending a weekend morning squeezing vegetables and smelling candles at Detroit's Eastern Market can wear a person out. And, yes, it might be tempting to stop in for a Coney Dog on the outskirts of the market but consider opting for Anthology Coffee instead, which opened its doors in 2019.", Tasting Table wrote of the coffee shop.  "The exposed brick and white wall space mixes modern style with Detroit's industrial past, and the coffee they're pouring is quite possibly the most flavorful in the entire city. They've even got bourbon-soaked coffee, and while it won't give you much of an alcohol buzz it will bring flavors you've likely never tried".

To be fair, we do have some pretty amazing coffee shops in our area that offer as special of an experience as Anthology, but it's nice to change it up once in a while especially if you find yourself in the D.

Check out the full list of the best coffee shops in every state here. 

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