The North American International Detroit Auto Show is back this fall and organizers are bringing their "A" game and some serious horsepower.

Once again the show will return to Huntington Place in Detroit for a second year of being a fall event in Michigan. Set to take place September 13–24 and will once again offer a completely transformed indoor and outdoor experience for attendees.

When is the Detroit Auto Show?

The show will get rolling with Media Day on Wednesday, September 13, along with Technology Days/AutoMobili-D and the Mobility Global Forum running  Wednesday, September 13 through Thursday, September 14. The social highlight of the show, the Charity Preview event,  is set for Friday, September 15, with the main show opening to the public on Saturday, September 16 through  Sunday, September 24.

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According to organizers, Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., and Stellantis NV have all confirmed they will be part of the big show with each unveiling new vehicles, making it a total of six reveals, during the show.

“This year’s show represents the next step in its evolution and in the evolution of the industry itself,” said Detroit Auto Show Chairman Thad Szott.  “Automotive technology is changing so rapidly; how do we make people comfortable with it?  We’re planning for a show that not only embraces and educates about this new technology, but offers an immersion into it.  And with twice the number of brands participating, there’ll be no shortage of engaging with it.”


What to Expect at the Detroit Auto Show?

Adding to the ever-changing landscape of the show this year will be the new Powering Michigan EV Experience indoor track, sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 58 and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).  This will allow show visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a wide range of EV vehicles.

With a professional driver at the helm, attendees will make their way through a serpentine track that includes an acceleration lane stretching more than 300 feet according to a statement.  Showgoers can check out Jeeps, Fords, and GMCs on the track to name just a few.

Other highlights this year include:

  • Inaugural Mobility Global Forum
  • 200 startups/technology displays projected for MEDC-supported AutoMobili-D

The Charity Gala

The iconic Charity Preview Gala will return as well. Held this year at Huntington Place on September 15th, the black-tie affair will feature a soon-to-be-announced headliner. The Charity Preview has raised more than $123 million for children’s charities in Southeastern Michigan over the past 25 years alone. Those attending can expect a "citywide celebration" on preview night. Tickets for the event will be $400 each or $700 a pair and are currently on sale.
For more information and tickets visit

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