A Mid-Michigan TV station is apologizing for insensitive tweets made by one of its reporters regarding Mel Tucker's dismissal. The reporter has since been fired.

Audrey Dahlgren was the Sports Director for Lansing TV station WLNS-TV. The veteran reporter was let go after she tweeted information that Tucker and his attorneys had released.

Mel Tucker Released as MSU Head Football Coach

Tucker had been fired from his position as Michigan State University's head football coach after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. Tucker was accused of making sexually charged statements and acting inappropriately during phone calls with Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor and advocate who worked to inform athletes about sexual misconduct.

Tucker denies any wrongdoing and is currently in a legal battle with MSU over whether he is still owed approximately $80 million which remains on his contract.

Reporter Accuses Brenda Tracy of Lying

The since-deleted tweet accused Ms. Tracy of lying and another tween included an email that had been released by Tucker's legal team.

OutKick published a screenshot of Dahlgren's now-deleted tweet on October 10.


TV Station Apologizes

Several news outlets have reported that Marci Daniels, the General Manager for WLNS-TV in Lansing personally apologized to Brenda Tracy following Dahlgren's tweets.

Dahlgren's profile has since been scrubbed from the Lansing TV station's website. However, her employment with the Big Ten TV network continues.

Dahlgren is responding to media inquiries only by saying that all correspondence will go through her attorney.

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