A Metro Detroit man has his son to thank for giving him the heads-up that he had just won a Powerball jackpot from the Michigan Lottery.

With a Little Help From His Son

Benjamin Pauline lives in Allen Park and got a phone call from his son urging him to check his Powerball tickets. Pauline tells the Michigan Lottery that he and his son regularly buy tickets at the Stop & Go in Southgate.

"The day after the drawing, me and my wife were on our way to an Easter party when I got a call from my son. He said, ‘You might want to check your Powerball tickets because a $500,000 winner was sold at the Stop & Go, and it wasn’t me!’"

Pauline and his wife then met up with their son at the party and his son used the Michigan Lottery app on his phone to scan his dad's tickets.

"As we scanned them, I was starting to lose hope that I was the big winner," he said. "And then finally we scanned the last one and $500,000 came up on the screen with confetti. It was unreal!”


A Big Powerball Winner

Mr. Benjamin matched all five white balls in the March 30 drawing but didn't match the red Powerball. That winning ticket is good for $500,000.

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Benjamin says he plans to use his winnings to buy a new home, invest, and help some family members.

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