Ja Rule was the musical guest for the Minnesota Timberwolves versus the Milwaukee Bucks game on Saturday night (Feb. 23), but things didn't quite go as swimmingly as he'd hoped leaving the Queens rhymer defending his at times awkward set.

The contest took place at the Bucks' Fiserv Forum and the night had a 1990s theme. Ja, who didn't release his first album until the decade was nearly over, was tabbed as the halftime show performer. Conflicting videos have surfaced from the set. In one, Ja tries to hype the crowd up and gets zero response. The video went viral before another video of the same moment appears to show Ja getting some acknowledgement from the crowd but having technical issues.

The strangeness didn't stop there, however. Toward the tail end of his act, Ja is performing "I'm Real" with an entire crew of dancers at center court. While he is doing so, Bucks' star player Giannis Antetokounmpo returns to the floor and shoots warm-up jumpers with a teammate a few yards away from the rapper's set.

On Sunday morning (Feb. 24), Ja hopped on Twitter to downplay both instances. "Y’all really be on my dick... :sob:," he tweeted. "Let’s be CLEAR my sound was fucked up at first and didn’t come on when it was supposed to but I rocked that bitch."

In response to Giannis getting shots up during his set, Ja typed, "Y’all act like this is not normal at halftime shows... y’all mad corny for this post!!!"

Even the opposing team's Twitter account tried to get in on piling on Ja. Mocking Ja's denial of scamming people in the Fyre Festival debacle they tweeted, "We too were hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!" This didn't get past Ja who promised to put a hex on the team ala Lil B.

Check out video from Ja's set and his response below.

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