Jackson School Board has approved to send laptop computers to Jackson County Jail to help prisoners gain an education.  The school board believes that prisoners from the ages of 17-20 should have a second chance at an education.  The School Board welcomes the critics reaction to their decision with a optimistic approach.

The school board believes that educating the prisoners will help the success of the inmates once released so that won't return back to jail.

I am not sure exactly how I feel about this move.  I would need to see some long term data analysis to form a concrete opinion.  It just seem like the State of Michigan is strapped for cash and we are spending more on people who decided to make the wrong choices in life.  I am all for giving people a second chances in life because we were afforded that chances once in our life.  However, I just don't see spending that much money on people in jail.  Maybe take those laptops in put them into rehabilitation programs for released inmates.  I don't know, help me.  What do you think?

On Monday, the Jackson School Board approved purchasing computers that will allow prisoners age 17 to 20 to take online courses from the jail. The laptop computers and secure carts to store them in will be kept at the jail.

“Some people will criticize us for doing this,” said Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Dan Evans. “But in my thinking, this is America and we never give up on anyone. People who go to jail as young people sometimes do manage to turn their lives around. If we can help with that, then that’s what we’ve got to do."

The program is also welcomed by Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand.

“We have the opportunity, thanks to Jackson Public Schools and technology, to enable us to get young people trained so they are not released back into the environment they came to us from,” Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand said. “We’re hoping that long term this will keep people out of our facility.”

via Jackson School Board approves computers for virtual students at Jackson County Jail | MLive.com.