Jaden Smith debut his rap career with a free mixtape 'The Cool Cafe' mixtape.  Last week Jaden released a video for his 'The Coolest' song which remind you of his dad Will Smith.  'The Cool Cafe' is a full featured mixtape which you can download below.

I am not surprised that Jaden is getting into rap due to his father being Will Smith who is known to rock the microphone.  Every parent wants their children to take it to a level which surpass them.  With Jaden doing movies and music at such a young age, we can only imagine how far he will take things.

One thing I noticed from the tracklist is that his sister didn't make the mixtape.  Whats up with that Jaden?  Download the mixtape below and check out the tracklist too. [spotted at RU]

Jaden Smith's 'The Cool Cafe' Tracklist

1. “Hello” (Prod by The Stuyvesants)
2. “Know Why” [Inspired by Kid Cudi]
3. “Down” feat. OmArr / T.Coles (Prod by OmArr / MK of Stoopid Robots)
4. “Cries” [Inspired by Purity Ring]
5. “Party On Venus” (Prod by by OmArr / Josiah of Stoopid Robots
6. “Pharaohs” [BTRKT cover]
7. “Chase the Sun” feat. Josiah Bell (Prod by Josiah / OmArr of Stoopid Robots)
8. “The Coolest” (Prod by The Stuyvesants)
9. “MSFTS Anthem” (Prod by Chaos / OmArr of Stoopid Robots)
10. “Can’t See Tomorrow” feat. OmArr (Prod by MK / OmArr of Stoopid Robots and Max Gendron)
11. “Jus’ Not Ready” feat. T. Coles. (Prod by OmArr / MK of Stoopid Robots)
12. “First Time” feat. T. Coles (Prod by OmArr / MK of Stoopid Robots)
13. “Find You Somewhere” feat. T. Coles (Prod by OmArr / MK of Stoopid Robots)
14. “Cruze” (Prod by AzZi for MSFTSrep)
15. “Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)” [Foster the People cover]
16. “Underwater-Too Much” feat. OmArr / Josiah Bell (Prod by Teo for MSFTSrep / OmArr of Stoopid Robots)
17. “Outro” (Prod by The Stuyvesants)
18. **Hidden Bonus Track**