Jaden Smith delivered the fourth 'Water Box' to Flint Monday, and this unit has a specific demo in mind.

You might notice that the box also has the Spanish translation on it 'La Caja de Agua'. This was a very intentional move by Smith and 501CTHREE, as they explained in a press conference. The fourth Water Box was delivered to the Latinx Technology and Community Center on Lewis St.

Asa Zuccaro, the  executive director at Latinx Tech & Community Center, talked about why the Latin population in Flint might have been missed during the water crisis aid.

A big result of the crisis is that there was a lack of communication with bilingual individuals or people that just speak Spanish or just reaching out to our community. So, we said if we have it, we definitely want to make sure that it is representative of our community

Jaden Smith and his partners at 501CTHREE are planning on bringing another water box to Flint in early 2020.

I have to say that one of the best things about what Jaden is doing is when he's helping. The talk about the Flint Water Crisis has become less of a priority for national figures, and the financial aid has reflected that. Smith continues to show dedication to everyone in our city, and is following through on his promises to help Flint fully recover.

On behalf of my city, thank you Jaden. We appreciate your efforts more than you know.

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