Jalen Rose will always have a special place in Michigan fans hearts, but the rest of the world loves to roast him over the time that Kobe dropped 81 on him.

Jalen gets killed on Twitter a lot when it comes to Kobe, and rightfully so, I mean he did get torched for 81 in Toronto by the Mamba. The latest string of internet jokes started when people started saying that the Kobe statue should feature Jalen getting scored on.

Now Rose didn't just decide to do the hilarious commercial for the fun of it . . . it's actually a promo for his upcoming show, 'Jalen VS Everybody.'  The show will feature Rose balancing his TV career, social life, and being a single dad.  ABC passed on the show after viewing the pilot, but ESPN has decided to air the first episode at least.  The episode will air tonight (Tuesday June, 6th) at 7:30 on ESPN.

If anyone is wondering about the original meat of this joke, watch Jalen talk about the 81 point night below.

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