Stan Van Gundy is furious with ESPN over the way they publicized recent comments by Lavar Ball, and now he plans on doing something about it.

Everything started with a statement by outspoken parent Lavar Ball. He went on ESPN stating that the Lakers players have lost confidence in their head coach. Most of the team has come forward saying that it's not true, but the damage was already done.

What has Van Gundy so angry is that ESPN is turning to a players parent for information. This is the kind of thing that happens in youth sports, and really has no place in a world where men are making millions to play a sport. Van Gundy addressed his problem with The Detroit Free Press.

I thought it (Ball's statement) was a cheap shot, and I thought ESPN showed total disrespect. I don't have a problem with Lavar Ball. He's a grown man. He can voice whatever opinion he wants. I got a problem with ESPN deciding that's a story.

So instead of just complaining about it, Van Gundy is going to do something about it. He plans on not giving ESPN any extra access during the Pistons game against the Wizards on the 19th.

I’m not denying them access. I’m not kicking them out of press conferences. They want extra stuff from us and they’re going to treat an NBA coach with that little respect? Then I’m going to choose not to give them extra access

This protest will probably do very little to curb ESPN's love affair with Lavar Ball, but I don't think that's why SVG is doing it.

He's a stand up guy, and always has been. The Pistons are lucky to have a coach who won't stay quiet when something is wrong. This has put Van Gundy's livelihood at risk in the past. Remember the most awkward interview ever concerning Dwight Howard?

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