Firefighters in Flint had a very busy weekend with multiple fires burning iconic locations in the city.

The reports of multiple fires started to show up on Facebook late Saturday and Sunday night. It has been confirmed that both Klock Korner on Dort and Robert T, and Jamins Lounge on Robert T, have completely burned. Luckily both buildings have been vacant for quite a while, so nobody was injured. It is sad though because both of the buildings have been iconic locations in the city.

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Videos started to hit Facebook while the fires were burning in Flint.

Jamins Lounge was engulfed by flames late Sunday night, and has completely burned down by this morning. Jamins had been a mainstay in Flint going all the way back to the Flint General's glory days. The bar had been closed for years now, so at least there was no risk of anyone being hurt.

Shortly before Jamins caught fire, there was another iconic Flint building burning. The Klock Korner building at Dort and Robert T burned down early Sunday morning.

Just like Jamins, the Klock Korner has been closed down for many years. This building had been one of my favorite buildings in Flint since moving here more than 20 years ago. It sits on Dort & Robert T, which back in the day was a very busy intersection. The building stood apart from all the other businesses on Dort. I wish I would have been able to see the inside of it before it burned down.

There were multiple reports of fires in the city this weekend, with as many as three burning at the same time early Sunday morning. It's still way to early to know how the fires were set, but with this many in one weekend, arson is an obvious suspicion. If you know anything about the fires, you are encouraged to contact the Flint Fire Department.


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