Fans are raving over JAY-Z's newly-released 4:44 album, which dropped last week (June 30), but it looks like there is some backlash regarding it lyrical content. While the veteran rapper's stans are still decoding the songs and lyrics on the project, there is one lyric on "The Story of O.J." that critics are calling anti-Semitic.

Fans have been continuously quoting the first part of the song's controversial lyric, which talks about having good credit being more important than throwing money up in the strip club. The second part of the lyric, however, hears the "Kill Jay Z" rapper rhyming about the Jewish community in America.

“You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club? Credit/You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it," Hov raps on the track.

Some people have been debating the line on social media, namely Twitter, with many categorizing it as anti-Semitic. While some listeners have shared their outrage after hearing the lyric, others are claiming that Hov meant the line as more of a compliment to Jewish people rather than being prejudiced.

Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, discussed the lyric on Instagram, defending Jay's use of it on the 4:44 record.

"If you read the lyrics out of context I can understand why people are jumping to that conclusion," Oseary writes on social media. "But if you listen to the song in its entirety you will hear that the whole of the song is based on exaggerated stereotypes to make a point. There are African American stereotypes throughout the song."

He then goes on to clarify what he believes Hov meant by the line in the song, and even gives a brief history about it.

"Jewish people do NOT 'own all the property in America.' Jay knows this," Oseary continues. "But he's attempting to use the Jewish people in an exaggerated way to showcase a community of people that are thought to have made wise business decisions. As an example of what is possible and achievable.. Yes, the 'rich Jew' the 'business Jew' the 'Jew that owns the world' is a stereotype which has been repeatedly used with the wrong sentiment.. meant only to harm the Jewish people. Perpetuating the absurdity that Jews are taking over the world."

Oseary also mentions that he thinks Hov is giving Jewish people a compliment, as other users have previously expressed.

"In my opinion, Jay is giving the Jewish community a compliment," Oseary states. "'Financial freedom. He mentions as being his ONLY hope. If you had to pick a community as an example of making wise financial decisions achieving financial freedom who would you choose? I'm not offended by these lyrics. I hear them the way he intended them to be heard. Giving 'credit' to a community that supposedly understands what it means to have 'credit.' I'm good with that."

See the backlash against Hov for the lyric in the gallery below.

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