When you are on the top everyone is gunning for you, that is in all aspects of life. Weather business, streets, sports or any form of entertainment, once you have "made it" you will have a target on your back.In 2013 Beyonce dropped 'Drunk in Love' and that was easily once of the hottest songs of 2013.

But with all the success that has come along with that song, according to mtv.com,  Beyonce and Jay-Z do not deserve all the credit, and some of it should go to Hungarian Folk singer Mitsou. Her voice is featured on the intro and through out Drunk in Love

Apparently A sample of her voice was stolen from one of her songs entitled  “Bajba, Bajba Pelem.”

It was reported that the above song can not be found on the internet but here is another song that has the same sample.

This is Beyonce's Drunk in Love

Here is a song by Ando Drom which features allegedly the same sample of Mitsou's voice.