It might finally be time for the twins' big arrival. New reports are saying that Jay Z has left his home in Los Angeles following the swirling rumors that Beyonce may have been admitted into an area hospital to give birth to the twins.

According to E! News, paparazzi captured multiple all-black Escalade SUVs leaving the couple's neighborhood with Hov, while other rumors are claiming that Bey has checked into an L.A.-based hospital under an alias to stay off the media's radar.

With the Beyhive in full investigation mode, The Shade Room originally posted a user-submitted report with a source saying Beyonce had arrived at UCLA hospital with her team, and were in the process of shutting down the entire fifth floor. There's no word on whether the duo's daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, could be at the hospital with them, but this might be the big moment the Hive has been waiting for.

Other reports say that security has increased at some of the locations that Bey could potentially be giving birth in, being that paparazzi have already began to swarm outside of them.

Adding more to the speculation for the Beyhive, celebrity hair guru Chuck Amos has shared a photo of him with the pop sensation, mysteriously writing, "Hang in there, Mama!" This could allude to Bey currently giving birth, or it could simply be words of encouragement for her being that she is in the final days of her pregnancy, which can be the toughest for women.

Reports are also saying that security members were seen carrying two baby seats to a medical facility earlier this week, which would belong to the twins if so.

So far, the Beyhive has been in a frenzy on social media, speculating any details of her labor, as well as making tons of memes to stan for their favorite superstar. There's no confirmation that Hov and Bey have welcomed their twins, or if they're on the way just yet, but we'll be sure to keep you updated on any more details.

See the alleged photos of Hov leaving his and Beyonce's L.A. home here.

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