Flint's Jeff Skigh and Ace Gabbana stopped through the Club 937 studio to talk about upcoming shows, new projects, and more on the 8-1-Show.

When it comes to the marijuana movement in Flint and making it known cannabis has helped their artistry, no one compares to Jeff Skigh and Ace Gabbana. With a fresh new project that dropped this March, Jeff Skigh is ready to make this Summer one to remember with unique show ideas such as a party and smoke out show, visuals that focus on helping the marijuana movement grow and showing love to cannabis venues right here in Flint, and working with artists right here in the city to show that Flint has talented and dope artists.

Oh and Ace Gabbana? He's ready to drop soon with his second album coming in the next couple weeks, flying out to LA and working with Jon Connor, and making it clear that he's a rachet rockstar that is here to stay.

The Flint rap scene is evolving but lets be clear, Jeff Skigh and Ace Gabbana are making waves and moving the culture forward with every song, music video, and project that drops.

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