We're all going to be rooting for Shriya Yarlagadda, a sophomore from Grand Blanc, while she competes in the upcoming  Jeopardy Teen Tournament.

Shriya is one of the 15 students that will be featured during the 2019 Teen Tournament on Jeopardy starting next week. She will be competing on Friday, June 21st in the Quarterfinals. The episode starts at 7pm.

The community is definitely rallying behind Shriya as she tries to make her way into the next round. Even officials at Grand Blanc Schools took time out to show her some love yesterday on Facebook.

If Shriya wins on Friday, she will move on to the next semi-finals next week. If she doesn't happen to come out on top Friday, that doesn't mean that her journey is over. The top four money winners that did not win their own match will be put into the semi-finals as wild card contestants.

In the end, one of these 15 teens will walk away with $100,000 from Jeopardy!

Good luck Shriya! We'll all be rooting for you.

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