Joe Budden finally let it all go and dropped a straight-up diss track aimed at Drake and Meek Mill. Budden has already made it clear that he felt that Drake's "4 A.M. In Calabasas" track was a subliminal diss aimed at him.

And he decided to slam Meek just because he got into an Instagram spat this week.

"A black cloud all over The 6, check the overview/You're so indirect, shit wasn't real clear/Either Jimmy actin' or he really miss a wheelchair," Budden raps. "You baitin' a king
Tell you the way that Golden State say to it's team/Aubrey you gotta make a shot, you wanna play on the wing."

And he's definitely gonna get under Drizzy's skin with a few of these bars.

"This s--- is truly a movie/You started a trend bein' a groupie for groupies/S---, I had Bria in the coupe and out her way," he spits later in the track. "Before you ever wrote an interlude about her."

And he takes some shots at Jay Z: Shawn, I don't work for you, still I'm doin' the work for you/Payback, wire his jaw, reimbursin' you/Metal all behind his face, Sprite commercial you/Might have made a mistake out of this one/Can't Bell Biv Devoe your way out of this one, nah/So, warn your damn campaign that hammers rang/I just bought a New Edition, you can't stand the rain."

Budden makes it clear that whatever friendship he and Drake had back in the day--they'd been cool for years--that love is lost now.

"Real quick, I don't wanna talk too long. I think you misconstrued the boundaries of this relationship and this friendship. Which in return, has caused me to do the exact same thing."

And he made sure to also make it clear that dissing Drake doesn't mean he's cool with Meek.

“No alliances with Meek,” he raps. “It’s still f--- him too.”

Budden told Pitchfork that he wants to stoke Drake's fires a bit.

“If it were really a matter of importance,” he says, “Him and I could jump on the phone.”

“I come from a hip-hop where if you didn’t have something to say, then, n----, what the f--- were you rapping for,” Budden says.

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