Well I guess this was bound to happen. Budden held nothing back in a new track released on Thursday titled 'Making A Murderer'

The beef between Joe Budden and Drake has now been pushed a little further with Buden's new diss track. The song titled 'Making A Murderer' (produced by araabMUZIK) sends many shots at Drake and even a shot at Meek to kick off the diss track.

Here's a snippet of the description from the song posted on Soundcloud...

Joe Budden believes in energy. His energy is just different. Joe gets enough attention; he is not looking for it; and certainly not from Drake. This “beef” started in the 6 and now we here. While the industry seems to lack and hold Drake accountable for his energy---Joe Budden embraces the challenge!

Lots of different views, this is Joe Budden’s. You can thank him now, or you can thank him later.

It will be very interesting to see if Drake decides to respond or if he realizes he's no match for the Slaughterhouse emcee.


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