John Beilein is reportedly leaving Ann Arbor to become the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Multiple reports have come through that Beilein agreed to a five year deal with the Cavs, but none of the financial specifics have been announced. The rumor mill started with a tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski.

ESPN has confirmed the rumors since that initial tweet, writing about the deal here.

Michigan fans everywhere were floored by the decision, and many were hoping it was not true. Any hopes those fans had were dashed when Beilein himself tweeted about the new job.

To say that Beilein has been great at Michigan is an understatement. He brought the program back from a very rough time, and made Michigan a perennial contender.

This is a shocking move for so many reasons. When Beilein turned the Pistons down we all thought that he planned on being at Michigan for the duration. At least he wasn't willing to go to an NBA team that was rebuilding.

But the Cavs?! They are still in demolition mode, forget about rebuilding!

I am a huge Beilein fan, and I think he is a great coach, but the track record of college coaches going to the NBA isn't great. Double that with the fact that Cleveland sucks, I just hope that Beilein got a huge payday.

Now it looks like Michigan is going to be in the market for a new head coach if you want to get your resume polished up.

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