In the event Lauren Jauregui finds herself on the wrong end of the law in the future, we know about a kajillion Fifth Harmony fans who will eagerly swoop in to bail her out — just look to Twitter and #FreeLauren for evidence.

Earlier today (December 14), TMZ reported that Jauregui was arrested for possession of marijuana at the Dulles airport. The site noted that she was stopped by a TSA agent, forced to undergo an additional search and, when her stash was discovered in her carry-on luggage, police intervened.

Later, though, 5H lawyer Dina Lapolt clarified to E News! that Jauregui "was not arrested and detained as reported, but simply given a citation for possession of marijuana and released on her own recognizance...This will not interfere with any future scheduled performances or activities."

Either way, 5H fans couldn't help but plead #FreeLauren on Twitter (JoJo stood proudly among them). Whether Harmonizers tried to bring levity to the situation with some weed-related jokes or sincerely called for Jauregui's exoneration, they responded en masse and gave authorities something to consider — even if Lauren isn't, you know, actually in jail.

Check out the best reactions to Lauren J's marijuana-related mishap:

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