Who cares if your neighbors hate you, it is all worth it when you go viral.

Shelby Lynn Gash and her penis, are the talk of the town. Instead of opting for traditional Christmas decorations, Gash used Christmas lights to make a penis display on her roof. Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a weiner.

As you can imagaine, residents in this Kansas neighborhood are less than thrilled. Gash told FOX 4 she did it because her neighborhood is 'uptight'. To be honest, I feel like this could be fake news. I have never heard the word 'penis' beeped out so much during a news segment. What do you think? Maybe I am just cranky today?

Either way it is funny. I don't have the energy to put up a display like this (I don't even put up a Christms tree), but I would laugh if one of my neighbors did. What's the big deal, Santa has a penis, right?

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