Juelz Santana didn't like how he was getting treated by employees at the Grand Beach Miami Hotel this week, and took to social media to express his anger. The hotel, meanwhile, maintains that Santana broke a number of the facility's policies, including threatening members of its staff.

It all started on Monday night (Feb. 22) when Juelz began tweeting at the Grand Beach Miami Hotel about their crappy service. "Yea another person staying in the hotel was able to help us more then the people who work there... I wonder Y," he wrote while tagging the hotel's official Twitter page. "I need all y'all to RT THIS.... N Ask @grandbeachmiami Y r They Racist..."

Juelz went on to retweet people who responded to his tweets and told him they had similar experiences with the staff at the hotel. "But these r the ppl who take/want Pics wit me @ Your Hotel. but u Treat Me An my ppl like SHIT @grandbeachmiami," he continued. He tweeted an email address of a person on staff at the hotel and asked his followers to email them complaining about the blatant racism that Juelz and his crew had experienced. "@grandBeachMaimi Is a SHITTY Hotel from the Workers 2 the Food [...] An They Racist."

Juelz also posted video of his experience with the hotel staff on Instagram.

In response to the allegations, Harald Bindeus, the Director of Sales & Marketing for the Grand Beach Hotel Group, released the statement below:

"We would like to hereby inform our past, current, and future guests that Mr. Santana violated a number of hotel policies during his last stay at the hotel, such as threatening hotel employees unless a certain service is extended, using profanities in a loud matter when speaking with hotel staff in public hotel areas, referring to hotel management by names indicating racial discrimination, refusing to abide by the hotel’s policies etc. At the Grand Beach Hotel, we are equally concerned about the well-being of our hotel guests and that of our hotel employees, in this sense; we reserve the right to deny future service to anyone, who disrespects our hotel policies."

Check out more of Juelz's tweets below.

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