Just Renting is a new unscripted reality show that takes place in the wild world of Flint realty.

The show revolves around Nationwide Property Owners Inc. and Gebrael Management of Flint as they buy up homes in Flint. Most of the houses featured in the videos are old run down properties that need a ton of work.

According to MLive, the guys are already shopping their idea to networks for a 12 episode first season.

Right now the show is just in the starting phases with the guys putting their episodes and teasers on Facebook and YouTube.

This might sound like a money grab, but on the Just Renting Facebook page, they claim to want to shine a positive spotlight on Flint. Showcasing the people that live the struggle that comes along with being a Flint resident.

I guess we'll have to wait and see, but there has definitely been a mixed reaction to the show from people on Facebook.

If the people behind the show are actually interested in lifting Flint up, then I'm all for it. If this is a quick money grab built on the backs of people that are already going through tough times in Flint, then they can take this show elsewhere.


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