Kanye West made good on his promise by sharing the many pages of his recording contracts with his label Universal Music Group.

On Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 16), Yeezy shared over 100 pages of documents tweet by tweet, containing information pertaining to his recording agreement with the powerhouse, album amendments, profit sharing agreements, label agreements and documents on his joint album with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne.

He ended the spree with, 'Whew that was a lot guys," and then tweeted a video of himself peeing on a Grammy award.

See's Kanye West's Record Contract Tweets

Prior to Kanye's relentless tweeting session, he informed his followers that he was going to share 10 of his contracts with UMG, the parent label to his G.O.O.D. Music record label.

"Here are my ten Universal contracts ... I need every lawyer in the world to look at these," he wrote. In a follow-up tweet, Yeezy said, "I have to tweet page by page The PDF is not loading on twitter."

After a slight struggle trying to share the files, Kanye boasted that him revealing his old record label contracts was going to be a literal game changer. "THIS MOMENT IS GOING TO CHANGE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOR GOOD ... I FEEL SO HUMBLED AND BLESSED THAT GOD HAS PUT ME IN A STRONG ENOUGH POSITION TO DO THIS ... EVERYONE KEEP PRAYING ... ITS WORKING ... I AM ON MY KNEES THIS MORNING," he tweeted before dropping the proof.

Moments later, Kanye shared screenshots of five files. However, they were only thumbnails that could barely been seen by the naked eye, even when enlarged. Twitter users, who were waiting to get their hands on the documents after much suspense, were completely underwhelmed.

"This is what me Kanye West deal looks like today ... I PRAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS THAT IT DONT LOOK LIKE THIS TOMORROW," ’Ye wrote in a tweet with the five accompanying images. The titles of the files cannot be seen in full, but three of the thumbnails are saved as amendments, one appears to be a record agreement and the fifth file says "Kanye WestJay...," which likely pertains to their 2011 Watch the Throne album. The dates of the files range from 2005 to 2014.

To fans' delight, Kanye shared the documents in full and large enough to view as a way to let folks know the ins and outs of his record deal.

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