When it comes to providing jaw-dropping soundbites and pompous declarations, Kanye West is in a class of his own. In addition to creating several classic albums and crafting hits for himself and others, the Louis Vuitton Don also made his name via his explosive—and oft-times polarizing—commentary. Whether it was taking President George W. Bush to task on national television or proclaiming himself as a musical genius, West built a reputation as a lightening rod throughout the aughts, garnering headlines, admiration from his disciples and disdain from his detractors.

With the advent of social media providing a sounding board for musicians and regular Joe's alike to broadcast their thoughts and opinions, it was inevitable that Mr. West join in on the festivities, which he did in July 28, 2010. An immediate hit with users of the social media platform, Kanye West's bite-sized idiosyncrasies were captured via his random posts, with his off-hand takes on life and the world around him now available for mass consumption. However, in true Yeezy fashion, the megastar would also ruffle more than a few feathers throughout the years, going to war with the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Swift and Drake.

Kanye would delete tweets from his timeline and deactivate his social media account altogether on various occasions, yet his time on Twitter has been an entertaining and tumultuous one and is sure to account for even more zany quotes in the future.

With the end of the decade drawing to a close, XXL looks back at some of Kanye West's most outrageous moments on Twitter over the past 10 years that we won't soon forget.

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