Kanye West has finally released the album artwork for Pusha-T's G.O.O.D. Music debut album, My Name is My Name. In Kanye fashion, you know their is an added dramatic perk to market his artists. 

Pusha-T tweeted out that he left all marketing and promotional coordination of 'My Name is My Name' to Kanye West. This could be a good thing since his debut album has been pushed back twice already.  Now the G.O.O.D. Music signee can focus only on music and maybe fashion.

Check out the two covers below, why is there two covers who knows. People still wonder why Kanye walked on stage with Taylor Swift at the VMAs years ago, who knows what Kanye has brewing for Pusha-T and 'My Name is My Name,' hell he might record a feature film in the depths of the Bermuda. Yeezy Taught Me.



Which cover do you like the most, leave a comment below and don't forget 'My Name is My Name' drops October 8, 2013, cop that.