As far as we, or really anyone else knows, Kanye West has never made a diss song. However, the legendary Chicago musician has a knack for stringing together biting bits of controversial lyrics in his songs, so Instagram is now looking to use them to test their new anti-bullying technology.

According to the folks at Wired, the social media platform is currently testing out DeepText, a new computer program that helps Instagram recognize offensive language and comments that could be classified as a form of "shaming." So far, the new technology has been proven to be effective when it comes to detecting curse words, but some of Kanye's lyrics, which people could possibly find offensive (even if they're not necessarily meant to be) tend to slip past the program.

Wired writer Nicholas Thompson makes this point in the article, plugging lyrics from Yeezy's The Life of Pablo cuts, "Famous" and "Wolves" to illustrate the varying levels of effectiveness. As we all know, the former song contains lyrics that could easily be deemed as insults to Taylor Swift.

"Every line in this sequence got banned when it was put through: ['Famous' lyric] 'For my southside niggas that know me best/ I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex/ Why, I made that bitch famous,'" Thompson says.

He then goes on to reference "Wolves" lyrics DeepText theoretically could have interpreted as fat-shaming: "It was entirely at ease, however, with more creative Kanye insults like ['Wolves' lyric] 'You left your fridge open/ somebody just took a sandwich.'"

Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom also made sure to reference the way the beef between Yeezy's wife Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift—which involved Kim K. using the snake emoji, which in turn led to Kanye fans leaving the emojis in Swift's Instagram comments—led Instagram to add the emoji filter capability to their platform. It worked to filter the snake emojis from Swift's comments section so it worked pretty well.

DeepText still has some work to do, but it definitely sounds promising. If it ends up revolutionizing the anti-bullying tech industry, Kanye will once again, be a major part in another significant historical happening.

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