Michigan has a crayfish problem, and the Cajuns are coming to the Great Lakes State to help eat our way out of it.

Every Michigander is familiar with the term "invasive species" by now.  We like to make sure our great lakes stay great, and that means keeping out things like Asian Carp, and other trouble makers.

One such trouble maker is the Red Swamp Crayfish. They've been found in a couple different areas in Michigan, and the DNR says they have to go! So what are we supposed to do with these nasty little guys?

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I would suggest fire, but that's just because I think crayfish might be the most disgusting thing on earth. Unfortunately, the DNR hasn't asked for my opinion yet.

Don't worry though, because help is on the way in the form of a bunch of hungry Cajuns.

A group called Lafayette Travel heard about the problem we were having and put together a fairly ingenious solution. CRAY DAY!

What's a Cray Day you ask?  Check out the explanation of how the idea was born from Lafayette Travel.

How could we help our neighbors to the north with their invasive species problem, but have a little fun at the same time? Pretty simple really. Throw a pop-up festival that aims to educate Michiganders about the crustacean that proves to be a pest in the north and a cash crop in the south. So that’s what we did!

On Saturday, August 19 from 12 – 7 p.m. Lafayette Travel is heading up to Michigan to host the inaugural Cray Day. The festival is filled with fun activities for the whole family as well we a panel discussion, cooking demo, movie screening, live music and much more.

You can see a schedule of activities planned for Cray Day here.

So from everyone here in The Mitten, welcome!  Thank you for helping out with our Crayfish problem, and I hope you Cajuns come hungry.

If you know anyone that has a hankerin for Asian Carp, please give them our number!

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