It seems like over the last two or three days I have been reporting non-stop about comedian Katt Williams. I know I really don't have to but the incidents he has been involved in and the way he has been acting you just can not make this stuff up. I seriously think Williams is into hard drugs, and things will only get worse for him. Earlier today Katt Williams was interviewed by radio personality Big Tigger after he had accused Tigger of talking about.

Williams insisted on being a guest on his show so he could apologize to him, and in an shocking kind gesture apologize to Kevin Hart.

Afterwards he quickly talks about his latest comedy special that he will be filming soon and says he is "going after Chris Rock".

As a side note Chris Rock is a comedy God and Williams doesn't stand a chance against Rock.

Then the disgruntled comedian goes on to invite Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle to one of his stand-up shows at the Staple Center in Atlanta. Which has me thinking everything was  a ploy for him to sell tickets.

Whatever the case may be Katt Williams is not right and he needs some serious help.