Kevin Hart is not in a laughing mood. On Saturday (Sept. 16), the comedian went on his Instagram page to apologize to his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish and his children (from a previous marriage) for his “wrong behavior.”

Hart wouldn’t go into specifics, but apparently someone is trying to seek “financial gain from his mistakes."

"I'm at a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back and I should make smart decisions and recently I didn't," he said in the video above. "I made a bad error in judgement and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen and they did. And doing that I know that I am going to hurt the people closest to, who I have talked to -- my wife and my kids."

"It's a s---ty the end of the day, I simply gotta do better," he concluded.

In the caption, Hart wrote, "Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will. I'm not perfect and have never claimed to be ...I love you all."

Sources have told TMZ that a woman is allegedly demanding money from Hart after filming a video in which Kevin and the woman are engaged in "sexually suggestive" conduct. It's not a sex tape but there is footage of what appears to be Kevin with another woman in a club setting.

The second clip cuts to a bed, where you don't see the people in the bed but hear it creaking and someone getting slapped. The third video shows two people milling around a room, with one of them vaguely looking like Hart.

Folks on Twitter don't seemed too surprised by Hart's apology. Several people have referenced a video that surfaced back in July of Hart passionately talking to a woman in a car that was not his wife Eniko. Hart laughed off the cheating rumors, but people weren't buying it.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost -- sort of speak.

"Kevin Hart's FAVORITE pastime is cheating on someone he's married to and getting caught. Your boy is HORRIBLE at cheating. lol," tweeted one user on Twitter. Another fan wrote, "So Kevin Hart did cheat on his wife and the only reason he confessed is because he was tired of giving the chick money to shut up. Gotcha!"

Read some of the people's reactions on Twitter below.

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