Tom Brady and Kevin Hart were part of a star studded NFL Draft discussion when Hart challenged the GOAT.

The group of NFL stars, analysts, and celebrities were on a joint Zoom call to discuss the NFL draft this weekend. Things started to get going when Brady mentioned the only reason that Kevin Hart was there was because The Rock was unavailable. Kevin laughed it off, but not before he issued the challenge to Tom Brady's GOAT status.

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Hart said,

Tom, everyone is all hype on you because of this whole Super Bowl thing, I'm not buying it. You wanna make me a believer, go to Detroit. Do it in Detroit.

If you just pulled that part of the conversation out of context, you may think that Hart is complementing Detroit. He's telling Brady that if he wants to truly the GOAT that he has to beat Detroit to get there.

Unfortunately, we all know what he really meant.

Hart finished up his rant by saying that if Brady could bring a Super Bowl trophy to Detroit, then he would truly be the GOAT.  Everyone laughed and moved on to the next topic . . . well almost everyone.

This is how bad things are for Lions fans right now. Instead of being a little salty at Kevin Hart for taking a jab at our team, everyone immediately started to talk about Brady coming to Detroit.

Think about that. The greatest QB of all time (and the oldest) coming to Detroit for his last season, and we were excited about that. Have we gotten this desperate?

Luckily the Lions have started a new regime (again) but this time, things feel a little different. The 2021 Draft was the first sign that the Lions might actually be serious about building a new culture in Detroit. We'll have to wait and see over the next few seasons, but things do look promising.

Just to be clear, if Brady were to win a Super Bowl in Detroit, he should probably be considered not just the GOAT in the NFL, but pretty much sports in general.

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