Last week, rap duo Run the Jewels was performing at SXSW for a Spotify-sponsored show when a crazed fan interrupted their set and attempted to attack group member El-P. He was booted off the stage and eventually subdued by security. The dust-up was sort of a big deal at the popular music festival that takes place annually in Austin, Texas, but apparently, that's not where the story ends.

As the unruly fan was going in for the kill, fellow Run the Jewels member Killer Mike immediately intervened, helping to rough up the stage-crasher and use him as an example -- Run the Jewels are not to be messed with. Unfortunately, he did so by suffering an injury in the process.

After finishing the rest of their performance, the political-minded MC immediately caught a flight back to Atlanta, where he was hit with the news that he had suffered a torn rotator cuff during the melee and was advised to wear an arm-sling, which he revealed to the crowd during a Run the Jewels show at Stubbs on March 20 in Austin.

“I was like, ‘Doctor, I’m not leaving the road…The tour goes on!" said the dedicated showman as he prepared to tear the house down with an inspired performance, but not without jokingly noting, “If you interrupt this song, we’ll beat the f--- out of you." He then launched into the fan-favorite, "Banana Clips," which also happens to be the track RTJ was performing when the disgruntled fan launched his attack at the previous show.

No arrests were made following the incident and Austin police said that the matter was handled by private security. Matt Sonzala, an independent promoter in Austin, told Buzzfeed that the fan that suffered the beatdown claimed Run the Jewels stole his lyrics and cheated him out of money. That story seems to be a bit off after the attacker was seen mumbling to himself after the incident had occurred.

Whatever the case, while Killer Mike may have taken one for the team, he and El-P surely proved that no one will be running any jewels of theirs without a fight.

Check out clips of the incident below.

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