Boyfriends be warned, looking at other women on a plane just might land you a laptop to the head.

That's what happened to a guy on a flight to LA this week, and luckily the entire incident was recorded. The fight starts with the girlfriend confronting her man about checking out other women.

The word "confronted" is the most proper way I could say "cussing his ass out!"

Things start to escalate even more when other passengers try to step in and stop the girlfriend from swearing so loud. This just makes her more angry, and she lets that anger loose on her man who tries to make an escape.

He decides that he has had enough when his girlfriend officially cancels their flight. She smashes a laptop on his head, and follows it up with a couple of haymakers.

My favorite part of the video though are the two guys sitting in front of the melee. Watching them struggling to act like nothing is wrong is hilarious. I've never seen an all out brawl on a plane like this, but I can't imagine I would stay as calm as these guys managed to.

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