With racial tensions in America at an all-time since the civil rights movement, the calls for the removal of Confederate monuments and statues across the U.S. have reached a fever pitch. From Solange to John Legend, celebrities and politicians alike have been vocally opposing any public, state-sanctioned reminders of the confederacy.

Just days ago,  Takiyah Thompson, a 22 year-old North Carolina Central University student was arrested for taking down a Confederate monument in Durham, North Carolina, and since then, eight more people have been arrested.

Killer Mike, who has long been a social justice advocate, is taking the anti-confederate call to the next level, with merchandise. The rapper teamed up with Villains and Day Light Curfew to drop a new line of anti-confederate t-shirts and coffee mugs.

"Don't cheer for the team that was trying to break up the country that you're now in charge of leading," Mike warned Donald Trump in a recent video (see below).

Mike went on Instagram to announce the anti-confederate merchandise, which he urged folks to get in on before it sells out. The t-shirt is made to resemble a scoreboard, and says "Con 0, USA 1," illustrating that the confederacy obviously lost the war.

Check the merchandise above and click here to purchase. Check out Mike's thoughts on Trump and the Confederate statue debate below.


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