If there's anyone in hip-hop who has been consistently vocal about Donald Trump and his controversial political agenda as President, it's definitely T.I. The "Warzone" rapper responds to the President's recent comments regarding the white supremacist and neo-nazi protestors in Charlottesville, calling Trump a "sucker" and a coward.

In a spontaneous conversation with TMZ, the outlet asks him what his thoughts are on the entrepreneur's impact on the country. Tip says he isn't surprised that Trump contradicted his reprimanding of the protestors in the Virginia city.

"Exactly what I expect from the sucker," T.I. states. "Cowards throw rocks and hide their hands. Earlier, they applied pressure and made him denounce his white supremacist home boys and neo-nazi partners. After, you know, by partisan pressure, he denounced them, but I'm sure there was a phone call or some sort of a [covert] meeting and they was like, 'What the fuck do you think you're doing? This is not what we elected you for!' And then he had to come back and reverse."

The Atlanta native also makes sure to end things with a strong message to Trump, as he frequently has in the past.

"So fuck him, man, to the fullest," he concludes.

See the full video of T.I. ranting about Donald Trump below.

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