Kitson is a designer boutique in LA that boasts a client list of stars like Taylor Swift, but it's a new prescription drug T-shirt line that has been catching everyone's eye lately.

The line designed by Brian Lichtenberg drew immediate reaction when it hit the stores site, and most of it was not very friendly.  The shirts start at $58 and go up to $98 but it was the message, not the price, that drew most of the criticism.

"Irresponsible, drug promoting and boycotting" were just a few of the words that showed up on Kitson's Facebook page.  The reaction was so negative that the designer decided to release the following statement on the website.

SPOILER ALERT:  The press release didn't work.  People seemed to be even more angry after the press release was a justification instead of an apology.

Ignore the high price for a second, and tell me if you would wear one of the shirts.  I personally have seen many more offensive shirts, and agree with the designer on this.  Obviously these shirts aren't for everyone, or everywhere but they aren't as bad as they are being painted.

Shop the entire Kitson LA site here.