The dozens of Oxycodone pills Kodak Black was recently arrested with were prescribed to the rapper, according to his attorney.

On Wednesday (July 20), Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, confirmed to XXL that the Oxycodone pills Yak had when he was arrested on July 15 were prescription pills he was told to take by a doctor for chronic pain as a result of being shot earlier this year. Kodak also still deals with pain from allegedly being assaulted by prison guards back in 2020. Cohen says he has provided proof of the pills' legality to the prosecution in the hopes of having the matter resolved sooner than later.

As previously reported, Kodak Black was arrested on felony drug charges on July 15 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Police say they pulled over the rapper's Dodge Durango on suspicion of having illegal tint. When they approached the car, cops smelled marijuana. During a search of the vehicle, they allegedly discovered 30 Oxycodone pills and close to $75,000 in cash. Yak was arrested and charged for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and traffick in Oxycodone 14 less than 25 grams. He was released from jail the following day on a $75,000 bond.

At the time of the arrest, Bradford Cohen provided the following statement to XXL: "Never judge a case based on an arrest. There are facts and circumstances that give rise to a defense, especially in this case. We negotiated a bond of $75,000 and we will move forward with resolving the matter quickly."

On Tuesday (July 19), Kodak Black tweeted about the arrest, mocking the police officer who booked him.

"'Hey, I'm Officer Pinky Dick, the one on the news for arresting the rapper kid with the big dick and a lotta cash,'" Yak tweeted. "'Yeah, my daughter talks about it so much, I had to pull ’em over so I can feel it myself. No lie, bro felt like he had a shotgun in his front pocket.'"

In a follow-up tweet, he added, "People don't even care to know [what's] going on. They just wanna bash a nigga. Kwik to say a nigga a failure or some shit but God gon' always make my enemies my footstool kuz I'm a good nigga."

This is Kodak's second run-in with the law this year. Back in January, he was arrested for trespassing in his old neighborhood. The charges were eventually dropped.

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