Tee Grizzley has entered into the popular YouTube space of streaming video game play for profit, and the Detroit rapper claims he is making nearly $200,000 a month doing so.

On Sunday (July 17), Tee Grizzley appeared on the latest episode of Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267's Millon Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. During the chat, the topic of new goals in life came up. Tee said he is a budding gamer mogul and explained how the hobby turned into a business.

"Through the pandemic a nigga was in the house bored as hell," Tee Grizzley said around the 35:20-mark of the interview. "[I] jumped on the game. They was like, 'You need to stream this shit. [They] ain't even gon' believe how good you is.'"

Tee said his franchises of choice are Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Once he saw the profits, he went all in.

"It's people making $100 million, getting $100 million contracts off that shit," Tee added at the 36:20 mark of the sit-down. "They be making $1 million a month. All they do is sit there and play the game."

Tee Grizzley said he also put his friends on and made a way for them to get off the streets via video games.

"I got a lot of niggas that's really from the trenches that got a PC, now they ain't in the streets no more," he added. "Now they making $20-$25,000 a month playing this shit. The way that I monetized it, I get paid from the server, ’cause yo gotta pay to get in and we got like 90,000 members."

Tee said a friend in Canada put him on to game and made him a server for free.

"'It can make you an extra $5,000 a month,'" Tee Grizzley said the friend told him.

The rapper said he's more than surpassed that amount and earns close to $200,000 monthly. "Shit turned into damn near [$50,000] a week," Tee confirmed.

Though he's apparently making big bank via video game streaming, Tee Grizzley's main focus is still music. Back in April, he released his latest mixtape Half Tee Half Beast.

Check out Tee Grizzly's gaming page here.

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