Kodak Black is hot on the promo trail for his new album, Dying to Live. Last night (Dec. 17), the Florida rapper appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform "Testimony," a powerful single off of the new project.

Clasping the microphone with both hands, the former XXL Freshman delivers a stirring live rendition of his new song.

"Now, I done overcame so much obstacles/Came up from up under so much rocks and shit," Kodak rapped passionately as smoke swirled around him and a live band onstage. "Even though I be out here schemin' like a demon semen/I know I'm God-sent."

With a huge round of applause and the weight of a passionate song at his back, it's clear Kodak killed it. His new album is filled with similarly impassioned tracks.

Dying to Live features appearances from fellow Florida rappers Lil Pump and Juice Wrld, as well as Offset and Travis Scott on the top 10 Billboard Hot 100 track, "Zeze." On "Malcolm X.X.X.," he pays homage to XXXTentacion, and compares his good friend to Malcolm X. The album dropped this past Friday (Dec. 14) and is already receiving praise from some of the biggest names in music, including Drake.

"Bro your album really one of my favorites in the last five years," Drake said in a series of text messages to Kodak that were shared via Kodak's social media. "The bars you are rapping about friends and your purpose is so pure. What got you there? Like you are almost talking from this god level bird's eye view of your own life. I wanna know how you broke that wall."

Watch Kodak Black perform "Testimony" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.

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