Hurricane Chris made it clear earlier this week that anyone who messes with Lil Wayne will have to go through him, the rapper posting a video mostly intended for Kodak Black. "You play with my people and I’ma break your jaw. It’s going down just like that. And you know who I’m talking to,” he said.

Now, it appears Kodak has seen the video or heard Chris's message, as he has posted a video of his own, acknowledging it. Below, Kodak floats in a hot tub shouting "A Bay Bay," Chris's 2007 hit. There is a person in the distance who thinks Kodak is actually calling for them, causing him to laugh.

A few weeks back, Kodak Black expressed a desire to see Lil Wayne in the ring, saying on Instagram, “We finna get in the ring, we finna fight–me and Lil Wayne. I’m finna knock that stupid ass nigga out.” Shortly after, fellow Hot Boy Turk advised Kodak to back off saying, “Don’t get me wrong, Kodak, I fuck with you… But I’m giving [Kodak] the heads up… Dead that shit. We don’t need no more beef going on, period. Dead that shit.”

Fans can catch Kodak this month as he embarks on his Back and Better tour making stops in Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philly and New York. Just last night, he dropped a new song called "I Need Love" and announced his new project Painting Pictures would be out March 31.

His lighthearted response to Hurricane Chris is included below.

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