Flint has a new premier clothing line called 'Kold Shoulder X'. The crazy thing is that the designers behind 'Kold Shoulder X' aren't even out of High School yet!

The designers behind KSX are Ka'Juan Blanks & Zack Savage. Check out some of their latest designs!

Check out the website here and grab you some new gear.

We are Kold Shoulder X. Our street wear brand is originated in Flint/Detroit for the aliened and ostracized people in today's society. We feel so many people have been given the Kold Shoulder so to speak and that we are the group that allows those people to feel wanted and belonged. Each design we make has a meaning and message behind it and allows our K$X affiliates to get a look into our lives as well as what we feel people has done to us by giving as the Kold Shoulder like judging a book by its cover, or disliking something because they don't understand it due to it being abnormal. So again "Don't Fight The Fever Catch The Kold".